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Affordable Pole Barns in Christiana, Lancaster County, PA

Looking for an Affordable Pole Barn in the Tri-State area?

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Pole Barns, Post Barns, & Metal Farm Buildings

Our Custom Affordable Pole Barns in Christiana, Lancaster County, PA - Rossbrook Construction Pole barns (Post Barns) with metal siding are a cost-effective alternative to traditional wood-frame structures in terms of materials, upkeep, and construction. RVs, boats, motor homes, equipment, machinery, manufacturer facilities, airplane hangars, offices, repair shops, and cattle have all been housed in pole buildings in the past. Pole barns normally have 10-foot walls, but can have up to 24-foot walls, and can include windows, skylights, roll-up garage doors, man doors (regular swing-style doors), cupolas, weather vanes, and other features. Pole barns can also be insulated and finished to use as pool houses, offices, or extra meeting space. Barndominiums can also be constructed by our team of professionals to meet the latest (and coolest) pole barn options available. From the experts who have been doing Amish pole barn construction for years, we love the idea of barndominiums and wish we had thought of it! No matter your post barn and metal farm building needs, contact the Amish experts at Rossbrook Construction so we can create the pole barn of your dreams! We will come from our home in Christiana, Lancaster County, PA to anywhere in the tri-state area. Our low overhead and manufacturer relationships allow us to offer affordable pricing on our pole barns. Contact us today!

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Our Custom Affordable Pole Barns in Christiana, Lancaster County, PA - Rossbrook Construction

What are Pole & Post Barns?

A pole building is a low-rise wood-frame structure. Wood posts are joined to rafters or trusses to form the major structural frame. Posts or girders may be used to support the roof system directly or indirectly. Posts can be buried in the ground or braced against a concrete slab, pier assembly, or stem wall. Pole barns can go by a variety of names including post barns, metal buildings, and more.

We are a Lancaster County-based distributor of high-quality Pole Barns. This means that we can provide you with a wide range of high-quality solutions as well as speedy quotes with competitive pricing. We can also ensure quality, accelerate material delivery, and speed the actual building of your project because we collaborate with the manufacturer. Although we are based in Christiana, PA - we have the experience and expertise to service customers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey. Contact us today to set up your free consultation!

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Pole Barn Features

We can design your building in a multitude of ways at Rossbrook Construction, whether it's for function or just to stand out. Among our most popular features and pole barn options are listed below (but more certainly do exist - just inquire within!):

Our Custom Affordable Pole Barns in Christiana, Lancaster County, PA - Rossbrook Construction
  • 23 Different Colors of Steel
  • Concrete Floors
  • Cupolas
  • Drop-Walls
  • Eave-Band Lighting
  • Gable Vents
  • Garage Doors
  • Gutters and Downspouts
  • Horse Stalls
  • Insulation
  • Lean-To’s
  • Post Wraps
  • Skylights
  • Sliding Barn Doors
  • Wainscoting
  • Walk Doors
  • Windows
  • And so much more!

If you want to incorporate your own doors or windows in your structure, we'll gladly offer the framing to accommodate those elements as well. Just give our team of Amish pole barn construction professionals a call today!

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Types and Styles of Pole Barns

Barn Types

  • Pole Barns (Post Frames)
  • Post and Beam Barns
  • Steel Barns

Barn Styles

  • Gable Barns (Post Frames) (pole barn with the option of attic space)
  • Gambrel Barns
  • Monitor Barns
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Pole Barns (Post Frames)

Our Custom Affordable Pole Barns in Christiana, Lancaster County, PA - Rossbrook Construction

A post and frame barn, also known as a post and beam barn, is by far the simplest and most cost-effective way to build a barn. They can be utilized as a garage or for storage. Pole barns have a wood frame system that links to sidewall posts and a roof trusses system. Roof purlins, wall headers, and wall girts make up the secondary components that support the outside siding and roofing. If you are looking to create a pole barn on your own, then click here to get quick PA pole barn DIY instructions.

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Post and Beam Barns

Our Custom Affordable Pole Barns in Christiana, Lancaster County, PA - Rossbrook Construction

Many well-known names in the post and beam barn category are Mortise and Tenon barns and, most notably, Timber Frame Barns. They are distinguished by their frame, which is made up of various sizes of strong wooden beams. The headers, grits, posts, and rafters are all part of this. They're also made with a variety of different timber connecting techniques.

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Steel Barns

Our Custom Affordable Pole Barns in Christiana, Lancaster County, PA - Rossbrook Construction

Steel is used largely as a structural material in steel barns (or steel buildings). Grits, rafters, purlines, and support columns will all be present in steel barns. Steel is frequently used for the roof and siding.

We at Rossbrook recommend timber framing with steel exterior over pure steel construction due to construction costs, maintenance costs, and material costs If a steel barn isn't your style, the photo in this section shows a timber barn with a metal roof and siding. Our proposal is to keep the wood barn but add metal coatings to give it the impression of a steel barn!

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Gable Barns (Post Frames)

The A-framed, triangular-shaped roofs of gable barns are clearly identifiable. The A-frame roof allows the barn to be built more quickly and at a lower cost, and the roof can be constructed in a variety of A-frame angles. The A-frame often reduces the amount of usable attic space, which is the major downside of a Gable barn.

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Gambrel Barns

Our Custom Affordable Pole Barns in Christiana, Lancaster County, PA - Rossbrook Construction

Gambrel Barns acquire their name from the roof, which can be built using any form of building or framing style. The roof has a double slope on one or both sides. The lower slope is usually less steep than the top slope, and it often provides shelter from the elements. One of the most significant benefits of a Gambrel Style Barn is the enormous amount of attic space it provides. Gambrel Barns are a fantastic choice for extra storage and/or living space because of this.

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Monitor Barns

Monitor barns, also known as raised roof barns, derive its name from the raised center area of the upper level of the barn when compared to other barn forms. This gives you more room for storage or to keep an eye on and monitor the region around you (your land!). A monitor barn is frequently acquired primarily for its attractive design or appearance. Because of the increased space and unusual design, windows can be fitted on the raised centerpiece. Overall, these barn styles are attractive, although they are more expensive than gable barns.

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