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Roofing Contractor in Lancaster County, PA

Looking for a new roof in Lancaster, PA?

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Rossbrook Construction

Why use a metal roof for your residential home or business?

Metal Roof in Lancaster County, PA Rossbrook Construction specializes in metal roofing for residential homes and businesses in Lancaster County, PA. A metal roof is an excellent choice when it comes to roofing options as it offers a variety of advantages for both home and business owners. Metal roofs are durable and can last up to 40 years or more when properly installed and maintained. Metal roofs are also a great choice for energy efficiency, helping to keep energy costs down. Rossbrook Construction is the perfect choice for your metal roofing project, as we are experienced in installing and maintaining metal roofs and can help you make the best decision for your home or business.

Benefits of a Metal Roof in Lancaster County, PA

Should you use asphalt shingles or a metal roof?

When it comes to deciding between asphalt shingles or a metal roof, there are many factors to consider. Asphalt shingles are a traditional roofing material that is relatively inexpensive and easy to install. However, asphalt shingles are not as durable as metal roofing, and they are more prone to wear and tear over time. Metal roofs are more expensive initially, but they are much more durable and require much less maintenance over the life of the roof. Metal roofs also last much longer than asphalt shingles and require less frequent repairs or replacement. Overall, both asphalt shingles and metal roofs offer excellent protection for your home, and the decision ultimately comes down to personal preference and budget.

Metal Roof Contractor in Lancaster County, PA

Rossbrook Construction is a local roof contractor in Lancaster County, PA

Rossbrook Construction offers quality roofing services in Lancaster County, PA. We specialize in residential and commercial roofing projects. Our roofers have a deep knowledge of roofing products and techniques that ensure your roof is installed correctly and will last for many years.

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Metal Roof in Lancaster County, PA

Rossbrook Construction Services

Rossbrook Construction offers a wide range of construction services that go beyond just roofs. We install vinyl siding, build custom garages and a variety of pole barns for many different applications, both residential and commercial. We have many years of experience in the industry and are committed to providing quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

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Top Rated Metal Roof Contractor in Lancaster County, PA

Recent Client Testimonials

5 star rating icon " I am very happy with the results from the Rossbrook Construction team. They are Amish builders who do amazing quality work at an affordable price especially compared to some of the other quotes from other companies. I recommend them for pole barn construction in Lancaster, PA but I believe they service the tri-state area as well. They were on time, cleaned up after themselves, and built a huge barn from the ground up in no time! I highly recommend them for anyone looking for pole barn construction, farm buildings, Equestrian facilities, or to do a garage addition or garage extension. Big thank you to the Rossbrook team! " - Nick Millas

5 star rating icon " Excellent company to do business with. Eli and his crew were on time and passionate about their skills. They built me a 40'x52' glass blowing studio with a recording studio above. All work was done on time and within budget. I can't express enough about the quality of the work completed. Eli made sure everything was done to my specs and of excellent craftsmen ship. Eli also has a creative sense and can help you with his own meaningful esthetic ideas. I'm hiring him for a new project I'm about to begin. You won't find a better construction company. " - Robert Palusky
Rossbrook Construction

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Rossbrook Construction is Southeastern PA's top-rated roofing contractor. Our roofing company offers asphalt roofs, metal roofs, vinyl siding, and more. Contact us.

Cities We Service

Rossbrook Construction services many counties and cities in the tri-state area. Below are just a few that we tend to frequent. Please contact us to learn more.