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4 Questions to Consider Before Building a Pole Barn Garage

4 Questions to Consider Before Building a Pole Barn Garage

Have you been considering adding extra space for storing your vehicles, recreational items, or random household items? Rossbrook Construction is the premier pole barn builder in Lancaster, PA and surrounding communities. Even if you currently have an attached garage, you may be thinking about adding a pole barn garage to your property because you anticipate needing additional space in the future. This is especially true if you have multiple drivers in your home.


Regardless of your situation, there are many things you should consider before building a garage. There are many questions homeowners have about post-frame garages and the top four questions are covered in this article. 


#1: What size should my residential garage door be?

The ideal size for your residential garage door will depend on how you intend to use the garage. First, let's take a look at a basic garage to get you started—one that can accommodate automobiles and trucks.


Dimensions of Garage Doors

If you follow our blog regularly, you'll notice that we've talked about structure dimensions before, particularly those that pertain to garage doors. Ideally, your building design should be finalized before any work begins.

Average garage doors that are sold at home improvement stores usually come in a standard size. However, if you drive a pickup truck, it’s a great idea to get a larger door to accommodate a larger vehicle.


Think about these useful garage door tips for various vehicle sizes:

  • Single Sedan: 9’ wide x 7’ high. An optimal minimum size for each bay would be 12' x 24'. However, this size would not be suitable for a workshop.
  • Two-Car Garage: One 18’ wide x 7’ tall door OR two 9’ wide x 7’ tall doors. We recommend adding at least 12’ to the barns width if you intend to use it as a workshop as well.
  • Pick-Up Truck: A 3500 truck can fit through a door that is 10’ wide x 8’ tall. It’s also a good idea to add an extra bay for pick-up trucks. 


Types of Garage Doors

It may surprise you to learn that, although overhead doors are the most popular garage door type, you are not limited to using them for your garage! At Rossbrook Construction you can choose between overhead doors as well as sliding doors. Both options have advantages, disadvantages, and other things to consider. Choosing the appropriate door type depends again on how you intend on using your garage.


Consider the following:

  1. What is the purpose of the pole barn garage?
  2. How frequently will you be accessing the garage?
  3. Which direction does your building face?
  4. Does your area typically experience a lot of snow?
  5. Are windy conditions a concern for you?

These are all critical questions to ask before determining what type of garage door would suit your needs the best. Answering all of these questions will help our builders here at Rossbrook Construction create the perfect garage for your needs!


# 2: What about garage ventilation?

Ventilation is the process of clean, outdoor air being exchanged with indoor air. The main reason you want your pole barn to be ventilated is because it will avoid condensation and moisture buildup. When warm, humid air comes into touch with a cool surface—like the underside of your metal roof—condensation happens. The extra humidity in cooler air condenses into water droplets because cooler air cannot store as much moisture as warmer air. Let’s go over some ventilation options for your garage!



Overhangs are a standard way to ventilate a garage. A pole barn garage with 1’-2’ overhangs with vented soffits on the sides will draw cool air inside of the building. Then the ridge vents at the peak will help to release humid air.



Cupolas, which are frequently added for aesthetic reasons, can also help with ventilation. When installed for ventilation purposes, they require electricity for the fans to function. Cupolas allow trapped heat to escape through the fans and side vents.


Windows and Doors

It should go without saying that windows and doors—whether they be walk-in, sliding, or overhead—are common architectural elements that promote air flow. Rossbrook Construction recommends an even distribution of windows and doors for the best results.


Mechanical Ventilation

The ventilation options we listed above are examples of passive, or natural, ventilation. However, there are some instances when natural ventilation simply is not sufficient. Mechanical ventilation is usually in the form of ceiling fans. It’s not commonly used in post-frame construction because of the cost and maintenance involved.


#3: What kind of floor should I choose?

Prior to choosing flooring options, it is imperative that you properly establish a firm pad for the pole barn to be constructed on. Usually this is in the form of dirt, sand, clay or stone. Proper site preparation is key for the longevity of your pole barn!



Gravel is a cost-effective flooring option for your pole barn garage. It is also a great option for homeowner who want a low-maintenance floor. Gravel is a better material than soil in terms of compaction and drainage. At most, you might need to haul in more gravel as time passes, but aside from that, it’s a great low-maintenance option for homeowners!


Crushed Stone

Crushed stone and gravel are very similar in that they both come from rocks, but crushed stone is larger. It’s a very versatile flooring option and is widely available in most areas. Crushed stone creates less wear and tear on your equipment than larger rocks and does a great job of managing moisture levels.



Concrete is arguably the most popular flooring selection for pole barn garages! This is because with concrete, you will have less dust, less moisture and a much cleaner space overall.


#4: What About Designing My Garage?

Selecting the floor plan is arguably one of the most difficult decisions in the building process because that impacts the functionality of your garage. Aesthetically speaking, choosing exterior and interior elements of your garage is also important. Rossbrook Construction can assist you in designing the ideal garage for your particular needs. Contact us today for more information!