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East Greenville, PA Multi-Car Detached Garage 2023

East Greenville, PA Multi-Car Detached Garage 2023
East Greenville, PA Multi-Car Detached Garage 2023


Building Overview

  • Project Location: 
    • East Greenville, PA 
  • Construction Year: 
    • 2023
  • Siding Used: 
    • 28 Gauge G-100 Clay Metal Siding 
  • Roof Used: 
    • 28 Gauge G-100 Bronze Metal Roofing 
  • Trim Used: 
    • 28 Gauge G-100 Bronze Metal Trim 
  • Total Windows: 
    • 4 bronze colored Viwinco Windows 
  • Total Doors: 
    • 3 bronze overhead garage doors 
    • 1 bronze 9-lite entry door 
  • Model 4500 Snow Defenders used for stopping the snow (snow guards)




Pole Building Project Description

This client requested the construction of a pole barn garage on their property to provide secure storage for their vehicles. This custom-designed pole barn was also going to be used as additional space for storing tools, gardening equipment, and other household items. The structure was designed to meet the customer's specific requirements, with careful consideration given to the size, layout, and materials used. The resulting garage not only fulfilled the customer's practical needs but also added value to their property. The customer was pleased with the outcome and expressed satisfaction with the quality of workmanship and attention to detail demonstrated by the team at Rossbrook Construction.





5 star rating icon " Eli and his crew are amazing. He really listens to what you want, and if you get stuck on an idea. He offers advice, which is always the right thing to do. He keeps in touch with you, you never have to worry about him not getting back to you. I am so glad I called him to build our building. You will be glad too if you call him. Amazing work, covers every angle. " - Donna Small


5 star rating icon " Very good and reliable company
Eli and Rossbrook construction company
Don’t hesitate to call you’ll be glad you did. "
- Eric Reeves




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